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Welcome to this wiki. Welcome to the wikipedia page of the fantasy setting of Agnor. In this wiki, you will find everything required to run a game of Dungeons and Dragons 5e in this setting. This is also a website for people who just want to learn about Agnor, and this website will serve them well.

This wiki is also in need of help and assistance, many articles lay unfinished or merely don't exist and haven't been done. Almost all of the maps that will be linked into future pages will be hand drawn with loads of detail.

If you want to help with the creation of this wiki/world, email moc.liamg|enrubknah#moc.liamg|enrubknah and create a wikidot account. If you have artwork that you think looks good, please email it to the email above.

Overview of the setting

Agnor is a large continent surrounded by a massive, seemingly endless sea. There is one great river flowing through the lands, branching off into the other realms that occupy Agnor's vast landscape. There are seven realms in Agnor, and each have their own unique creatures and cultures; some of the realms are peaceful, while some of the others are quite horrid and not a very pleasant place to be at all.

Surprisingly enough, most of the lands on this island are covered in beautiful landscapes of hills and grasslands. This was all because grasslands were the first environment to be made. The Northern realm of Rhodian is mostly grasslands, with hills dotted here and there and filled to the brim with rangers and peaceful beasts roaming the lands.

Agnor has lots of lore, history, races, and locations, so there is a lot to discover within it. There are also many islands that lie in the great sea and are detached from the central continent. This world is something that I haven't planned to write any books about, I merely want to create a world as detailed and as rich in lore and history as Tolkien's.

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